Ripples XRP explodes nearly 60%

Ripples XRP explodes nearly 60% – what’s behind the pump? The last few months have been challenging for holders of Ripples XRP. The cryptocurrency crashed in price while the other top cryptocurrencies by market cap experienced price growth not seen in years. The drop in the price of Ripple’s XRP is due to charges brought […]

Posted by on 2. Februar 2021

YouTuber Ali Spagnola vände av misstag 50 dollar i Bitcoin till 39 000 dollar

YouTuber Ali Spagnola förvandlade av misstag $ 50 BTC till $ 39 000. Spagnola glömde bort en donation på 50 $ i bitcoin 2013 efter att ha blivit ombedd att skapa en BTC-tema målning Den populära YouTube-konstnären Alicia „Ali“ Spagnola säger att hon blev „av misstag bitcoinrik“ efter att ha fått en BTC-donation 2013. Enligt […]

Posted by on 21. Januar 2021

Bitcoin (BTC) trading volume doubles as its price surpasses $ 40,000

The euphoria that has surrounded the cryptocurrency markets since December is palpable. The volume of Bitcoin exchange has thus doubled, while the largest cryptocurrency has authorized a breakthrough above 40,000 dollars … Bitcoin trading volume (BTC) at the highest The news was shared by Mati Greenspan, analyst and founder of Quantum Economics. He explains that […]

Posted by on 8. Januar 2021

ATOM begynder at bevæge sig opad efter Bounce at Support

KORT OM ATOM handler over supportområdet på $ 4,05 og følger muligvis en stigende supportlinje. ATOM følger en faldende modstandslinje. ATOM / BTC handler inden for sin all-time lave support på 18.000 satoshier. Cosmos (ATOM) -prisen har bevæget sig opad, siden den hoppede på sin stigende supportlinje den 23. december. ATOM skal bevæge sig opad […]

Posted by on 4. Januar 2021

Bitcoin in bull mode: Upward trend shows no signs of slowing

Bitcoin has climbed higher and higher in recent days and weeks, with sellers completely unable to make up ground against bulls. BTC has now moved above the $19,000 mark, which for a long time was a strong resistance that has triggered several volatile sell-offs. Now that Bitcoin is firmly above this level, it could be […]

Ethereum’s DeFi, at the right price – 1inch, the ideal gateway to test decentralized finance

The story of 1inch – Decentralized finance is often presented as a monetary Lego. Thus, some protocols have managed to take advantage of the interoperability of the Ethereum network. Among them, we find 1inch, the DEX aggregator which always allows to obtain the best rates on the market. What is 1inch? 1inch is an aggregator […]

PTO shaft: what is expected after the fork

The price of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is currently in an area of uncertainty, between the so-called $300 resistance key and the $280 support. In practice, BCH seems to be squeezed into a channel from which it has not seemed to move for a few days. In order to climb, it would have to break the […]

Posted by on 5. Dezember 2020

Le marché des altcoins pourrait connaître une hausse fulgurante si les bitcoins continuent de s’échanger en parallèle

Les pièces de monnaie ont augmenté en flèche au cours des derniers jours et des dernières semaines, récoltant les fruits de la stabilité du bitcoin et des prix élevés de l’éthéré. Les jetons dans le secteur financier décentralisé – communément appelé DeFi – ont été parmi les plus grands bénéficiaires de la récente vigueur du […]

Posted by on 3. Dezember 2020

Ein neues Gesetz über das Online-Glücksspiel in Singapur wurde vorgelegt

Singapur-KarteNächsten Montag ist der Tag, an dem das Online-Glücksspiel in Singapur unter Strafe gestellt werden kann. Das so genannte Gesetz über Fernglücksspiele wird von den Behörden des Parlaments in der nächsten verfügbaren Sitzung erörtert. Falls es akzeptiert wird, werden die Spieler in Singapur ungeachtet ihres Aufenthaltsorts ernsthaften Einschränkungen ausgesetzt sein. Das neue Gesetz sieht vor, […]

The UNION protocol raises $ 3.9 million to reduce the risks inherent in DeFi

UNION, a decentralized finance protocol (DeFi) that develops risk management tools, has just raised $ 3.9 million. Still very young, the DeFi sector and more specifically its protocols, are often subject to security loopholes, which UNION seeks to fill. UNION, the platform to secure DeFi The funding round was led by Alameda Research , the […]